Chongqing Agricultural Technology Bears Fruits in Africa

2017 May.23rd Original released from:Chongqing Municipal Government

   According to the recent information acquired by the reporter from Chongqing Academy of Agricultural Science, the Chinese agricultural technology demonstration center for assisting Tanzania (hereinafter referred to as the demonstration center) developed by Chongqing Zhongyi Seed Co., Ltd. (an affiliated enterprise of the Academy) was authorized by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United Republic of Tanzania with the title of “Advanced Public Diplomacy Unit (2016)”. The demonstration center has been continuously honored with the tittle for three times.
The project of Chinese agricultural technology demonstration center for assisting Tanzania is one of the Africa assisting projects determined at the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation · Beijing Conference. With the total investment of over RMB 50 million and the land area of 62ha, the demonstration center is constructed and put into use in 2011. The center is a public welfare platform for agriculture development as well as a comprehensive agricultural science and technology communication base in Tanzania, and there are 11 Chinese experts settled in the center. The main job of the experts includes: the assistance in agricultural technical talents cultivation; the research, development, test and demonstration of new crop varieties; cultivation of fruit seeds and trees; demonstration and popularization of poultry breeding; agricultural industrialization production and management, etc.
The work achievements in the demonstration center are highly admitted by Tanzania and relevant international organizations. The former president of Tanzania Kikwete once visited the center for site investigation and guidance. Besides, over 50 international organizations and national missions including the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, International Rice Research Institute and International Food Policy Research Institute visited the demonstration center successively.