Rice Planting Area with Chongqing Brands Exceeds 1 Million mu in Foreign Countries

2017 Jan.13rd Original released from:Chongqing Municipal Government

    At the Seminar on Overseas Cooperation and Industrial Development of Hybrid Rice held on January 7 during the Western China (Chongqing) International Agricultural Products Fair, the reporter was informed that Chongqing has carried out hybrid rice cooperative demonstration and technology extension with several countries. The rice planting area with Chongqing brands in foreign countries has exceeded 1 million mu.(*1mu ≈ 666.67 m2)

In recent years, Chongqing always centers on the goal of increasing farmers’ income, promoting agricultural efficiency and boosting rural prosperity, as well as deepening agricultural structural adjustment, advancing the development of characteristic agriculture and accelerating the transformation of agricultural development model, thus strengthening agricultural science and technology and material equipment.

Meanwhile, the opening-up pattern of agricultural industry is increasingly formed to actively respond to the “Belt and Road” Initiative, and more measures will be taken to support, guide and encourage enterprises to carry forward the “Going Global” strategy, so as to constantly advance the agricultural exchange and cooperation in countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”. Chongqing has obvious advantages in breeding technology of hybrid rice. Since 2002, some seed-relevant enterprises have conducted a series of cooperation on hybrid rice with Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa and other related regions, also implemented experimental demonstration and technology extension represented by Q series of hybrid rice in Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nigeria, Tanzania and other countries, during which 8 hybrid rice varieties were finally selected to cultivate in a larger scale, over 1 million mu now, more than 1,000 farming technicians received training every year. Food productivity in these countries has been greatly improved, showing by the increasing of grain production and farmers’ income, which was highly recognized and praised by the locals.

Since 2007, Chongqing Zhongyi Seed Co., Ltd. has undertaken the task of assisting Tanzania to construct an agricultural technology demonstration center, 11 experts were assigned here for long-term technical cooperation with Tanzania agricultural experts in fields of rice, corn, vegetables, etc. High-yield culture technique applied in hybrid rice won the farmers’ trust by its double rice production, thus bringing benefits and higher incomes to farmers as well as raising local agricultural production.

Moreover, Chongqing Zhongyi Seed Co., Ltd. took the charge of “Bangladesh Rice Technology Cooperative Project” carried out by the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC in 2015. Over ten agricultural experts stepped here to develop extensive cooperation with local Rice Research Institute in terms of hybrid rice joint breeding, experimental demonstration and new technologies displaying, agricultural machinery and equipment assistance, technical training, effectively improved the technical level of hybrid rice production in Bangladesh.