The 200th Well Starts to Work in Shale Gas Field

The 200th Well Starts to Work in Shale Gas Field of Fuling, Chongqing

2015-2-28 | Chongqing Municipal Government(English)

On February 25, the reporter learned from Sinopec Jianghan Oilfield Fuling Shale Gas Company that, Jiaoye Well No.50-8HF started to work a few days ago. It is the 200th well after the shale gas field of Fuling is put into commercial exploitation.

Jiaoye No.50 Platform is located in Xinli Village, Tiantai Township, Fuling District. With 8 horizontal wells in total, it employs the dual-rig “well plant” batch drilling model and is considered to be the platform with the largest number of and the most intensive wells at present in the shale gas field of Fuling. Jiaoye Well No.50-8HF is designed to be 4,550 meters deep, mainly for exploring Longmaxi Group and Wufeng Group. With a horizontal segment of 1,256 meters long, the 8 wells are estimated to be all completed in this October.

Since 2013, the gas fields was put into commercial operation, and exploration and development units have conducted scientific constructions in Jiaoshi dam area which has complex stratum and great difficulty in drilling. They have promoted technological innovation and created a series of wash boring technology, low density leak-proof and cementing technology and “well plant” drilling model. With the increasingly mature operation model, the drilling speed has been obviously improved. In 2014, the average period for completion of a well in the gas fields was 75 days, 20 days shorter than that in 2013.

In 2015, Fuling Shale Gas Company is planning to drill 86 wells and complete 128 wells, thus accomplishing a production and construction area of 5 billion cubic meters and an output of 3.5 billion cubic meters in phase I of gas fields. The successful operation of Jiaoye Well No.50-8HF symbolizes that the drilling construction in the Fuling’s shale gas field has taken a substantial step towards domestication, large-scale production and serialization, which will accelerate the commercial exploitation of the shale gas field in Fuling.