About us

Our company is a Sino-Japanese joint venture officially established in 1993 with over 20 years' experience in R&D, production and export of fertilizer. Our excellent management team governs 130 wonderful staff under a well-built management system for producing fertilizer export. We wholesale our main products, which include organic fertilizer, chemical compound fertilizer, soil amendament, Delay fertilizer and other bulk raw materials such as nitrogenous, phosphate and potassic fertilizers.Capable of producing 100,000 tons of quality fertilizer annually. Located by the Yangtze River, Our company is 3 km from the bulk cargo port, 20 km from the container port and 3 km from the railway freight station, with convenient traffic and easy transportation.

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NO.1 Factory

Chenjiaba Factory
Location: Chenjiaba Chongqing-city
Area covered: 16800m2
Established: 1998
Main works: Packaging,material-processing

NO.2 Factory

Tongliang Factory
Location: Tongliang Chongqing-city
Area covered: 18300m2
Established: 2006
Main works: Organic fertilizer making

NO.3 Factory

Jiangjin Factory
Location: in DEGAN-industrial park Jiangjin Chongqing-city
Area covered: 36600m2
Established: 2007
Main works: chemical compound fertilizer making, etc.


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